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The assistance in the field of software, hardware and computer networks.

Effective use of web capabilities transmission according to customer needs.

Creating modern websites, auction sites and databases.

HyperText Markup Language - a hypertext markup language used to create web pages.

Cascading Style Sheets - a style sheet language used for describing the look and formatting of a document written in a markup language.

Object-oriented programming language used to create dynamic web pages.

Open-source relational database management system.

JavaScript – a dynamic computer programming language used on the websites.

Extensible Markup Language – a universal markup language to describe data in a structured way.

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Mobile Internet

Mobile internet users are the fastest growing group of network users. Today a company's success depends largely on the design and functionality of the mobile version of the website.

Smart phones and tablets are becoming increasingly popular as devices for browsing the web. The way the information is displayed on their screens plays a crucial role in whether one chooses to revisit the website. A website that is incompatible with the mobile device may discourage the users and in all likelihood will discourage them from visiting it again.

Mobile internet and mobile search are undoubtedly the future. We should make sure that the website is displayed properly on all sorts of mobile devices.

If you are viewing this page on the monitor, check how the page changes with the change in the width of the browser’s window.

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